Carlos is a young man who lives in a violent neighborhood of Bogotá where many of the local pastors are being shot and killed. The neighborhood is becoming more fearful of the notoriously vicious local gang who is killing the pastors. At home, Carlos faces constant family abuse, but finds his escape in the love of his youth, Zuvely, played by Paulina Gaitán (Sin Nombre and Voces inocentes). However, in an attempt to defend himself from the hostility that has engulfed his home life, Carlos decides to join the gang. As a part of his initiation into the gang, Carlos is ordered to murder the local pastor considered to be a threat to their reign over their neighborhood. This cold-blooded task pushed Carlos into the depths of despair as he searches for the courage to finally take his destiny into his own hands.

Director: Ron Jacobs 

Produced: Brent Ryan Green, Jeff Goldberg

Written and Produced: Oscar Torres

Starring: Santiago Diaz and Paulina Gaitan

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